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Who We Are

Best Illuminati

 The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet. Our coalition unites influencers of all political, religious, and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.

Lets Work Together

While many of our operations require anonymity for the safety of our members, we strive to create a better understanding between us and the people we have been entrusted to protect.
Ensuring the survival of over 7 billion humans is a daunting task.

Our Illuminati Lodge

 The Illuminati consists primarily of the super-rich and influential individuals and families from finance and banking but also includes monarchs, high profile business people, religious leaders, high ranking politicians and an unseen faction which operate from ‘behind the curtain’ as it were. The Illuminati have always believed in, and today, still practice occult ceremonies and esoteric ritualism which links to their
Illuminati is more of spiritual enlightenment and joining Illuminati means that you are spiritually en-lighting yourself.

The person being initiated is regarded as the seeker.

Over the years, the Order has become a popular topic for movies, novels, websites, and even video games. From the Great Depression, which was ultimately necessary, to world wars.

Own Businesses 

Why This Website Was Created

Since the formation of the Illuminati, many citizens have inaccurately portrayed our organization in a negative manner.

These misconceptions have been perpetuated for centuries through videos, photos, articles, books, and unofficial online resources claiming to understand our mission and members.

In creating this online destination, we strive to alleviate the concerns voiced by the people of this planet and provide insight into our goals and operations.

Remember this is the fast ritual and can be adapted or adjusted .its designed to be led by high priests who are assisted by already -initiated member of the Illuminati occult society referred to as a Guide.

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